Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does The Toe Doc accept health insurance plans?

A: No. All of our services are out of pocket payment.​

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?​

A: All forms: cash, check, credit/debit card (processing fee applied)​


Q: What are the predominant services performed?​

A: We primarily trim and file toenails (medical pedicure). We also remove ingrown toenails and tend to wounds and other foot and toe ailments as they are presented.

Q: What does the "Medical Pedicure" visit include?

A: The Medical Pedicure visit includes an overall assessment of the lower extremities: skin, vascular, neurological, and musculoskeletal status. The toenails will be trimmed and filed at the end of the visit and a moisturizer will be massaged into the legs and feet.      

Q: What are the common reasons clients need your services?​

A: Most clients who utilize our services have trouble trimming their own toenails (vision ailments, difficulty bending over, etc.) as well have thick and discolored toenails (fungal nails) which require a higher level of filing and shaping (vs. trimming alone).​

Q: Do you have an office?

A: No. All of our services are performed in-home and we travel to see our clients. This includes private homes, assisted living homes, long term care facilities, etc.

Q: Who will be providing the care?​

A: All of our staff are medically licensed personnel: registered nurses (RN), family nurse practitioners (FNP), and podiatrists (DPM). All staff have been trained and proctored by our podiatrist (Adam Cornejo).​

Q: Are the medical instruments sterilized?​

A: Yes. All of our instruments are made of medical quality stainless steel and are sterilized via an autoclave process (high pressure & high heat) before each use.​

Q: How soon can I expect to be seen for an appointment after calling?

A: We can see most clients within 24 hours after calling and otherwise can see everyone within a week's time.

Q: What will I need upon arrival for our visit?

A: Typically, it helps if our clients have a bath towel to lay down under their feet during the exam. Sitting in a reclining chair or laying in bed makes the visit easier as well. 

Q: What cities do you come to?

A: We are located in Albuquerque and historically have gone as far as Los Alamos and Grants. We are willing to go further if the need and volume present themselves. Just ask.