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The Toe Doc Stretches for Heel Pain

When suffering from heel pain (plantar fasciitis) it is important to stretch DAILY. Stretching three times a day for 3-5 minutes per stretch is recommended for optimal results and pain relief. Below are some of The Toe Doc's recommended stretches.

Plantar Fascia Stretch: with leg crossed over, extend/stretch all toes by pulling them back with hand. Use other hand to massage heel at site of most pain (an ice pack can be used to massage heel as alternative). This stretch can also be done by stretching toes back using the ground if one is not flexible enough to cross leg over.

The Toe Doc Heel Pain Stretch

Achilles Tendon Towel Stretch: use a towel, shirt, or belt and wrap around foot. Pull towel towards self to stretch Achilles Tendon. An alternative to this stretch for the yogis out there is Downward Dog.

Achilles Tendn Stretch Towel
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