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The Toe Doc Explains Supportive Shoes

When looking for your next pair of shoes consider these 5 factors that help constitute a "supportive shoe"

1) Firm heel backing: press on the back of the shoe. This portion should be rigid as opposed to easily collapsible

2) Firm end-point bending at the front of shoe: when bending the front portion of the shoe, there should be a firm end-point and the shoe should NOT fold in half. 

3) Wring out the towel: when twisting the shoe like you would a wet towel, the shoe should have a firm end-point rather than being easily contort-able in this manner.

4) Built-in arch: the shoe should have an arch on the inside. This can be found inside the shoe or built on to the exterior; or in some cases both.

5) Straight shoe: the shoe should be overall straight vs. having a bend in it, like a banana, when looking at it from back to front.

supportive shoe
firm heel backing
shoe wring towel
supportive shoe arch
straight shoe
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